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François-Jacques Ossang (2007)
music: Throbbing Gristle




About Silêncio
Q. : In your short film Silêncio, the title seems like a misnomer, since the music by Throbbing Gristle is extremely important. How did this choice come about?
A. : Actually, I had the opportunity to go back to Portugal with a 16mm camera nearly 10 years after my previous movie.
I don?t like to work with video. And I filmed a little at random, with a particular interest in windmills. I couldn?t quite figure out how to make a movie out of these images. Then I was invited to mix music one evening in an event called ?the Cinema of Poets? at the Cinémathèque with Lydia Lynch, and I put on ?Convincing People? by Throbbing Gristle. And coming back home and thinking about it, I understood that TG?s shamanistic industrial music would fit perfectly.