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An introduction to the music scene which flourished
in Hong Kong, Macau and Singapore in 1964-1969

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In the Sixties, Mainland China was busy with the Cultural Revolution, which branded Rock & Roll as a sign of Western decadence. Nevertheless, the "Beat Wave" hit big in two Chinese territories that remained open to British influence, Hong Kong and Singapore.  

Hong Kong
The Beatles concert in Hong Kong in 1964 marked the birth of the golden age of the Hong Kong pop scene. From 1964 to 1969, a great number of bands appeared. They sung in English, as Cantonese and Mandarin songs were considered to be old fashion. These bands normally did cover versions of songs from the UK or the US. This scene reflects the multicultural diversity of the city. Musicians of different nationalities were active in the Hong Kong band scene: Chinese, British, Swedish, Macanese, Portuguese, Pilipinos, Singaporeans and Indians, among others. The most popular venues for stage shows and gatherings for youngsters in Hong Kong and Kowloon were called "Tea Dances".  These weekend afternoon dance parties took place in night clubs and Chinese restaurants, providing Hong Kong bands with an opportunity to play live. Major bands were signed by Diamond, a subsidiary label of Polydor: Teddy Robin & The Playboys, The Mystics, Joe Jr. & The Side Effects, Menace, Lotus, Anders Nelson & The Inspiration, The Fabulous Echoes, D'Topnotes, Mod East, Magic Carpets, Danny Diaz & The Checkmates, to name a few.  EMI on the other hand concentrated on the Mandarin song market, recording artists from the Shaw Brothers (the largest Hong Kong Movie company), such as Connie Chan (Chan Po-chu), Josephine Siao (Siao Fong-fong) and Nancy Sit, who recorded Chinese versions of international hits. Bands who joined EMI were relatively less active and less successful in the market: Thunderbirds (whose lead singer Robert Lee, was the brother of Kung Fu star Bruce Lee),  Thunders (from Macau, the only band that successfully crossed over to Hong Kong in the 60s), The Reynettes (who were a Filipino brother and sisters group),  The Quest, from Singapore, who  were stationed in Hong Kong in 1968. Most of the bands  disbanded in 1969. In the 1970s. Teddy Robin, Joe Jr and Sam Hui (of Lotus) all became solo singers. Yet the glory days were over. In the mid 1970s, Sam Hui single-handedly invented a new Canto-pop market. It proved to be very successful in the coming years, thus putting a final stop to the so called "Golden Band Era of Hong Kong".
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Here, groups were formed, signed, with records being released weekly. Furthermore, in multicultural Singapore bands were playing music but singing them in English (which was the major language), Malay and Chinese. Therefore fans had three streams to choose from. Cliff Richard and The Shadows played a concert in Singapore in late 1961 and that marked the beginning of the Beat group era with bands which were strictly instrumental. Most times, singers were an adjunct to the band. The arrival of the Beatles in 1963 changed the emphasis from the instrumental band scene to self-contained units with singers and instrumentalists, although strictly instrumental bands flourished for a long time yet in Singapore ? as there was a need for instrumental music in many situations. Singapore's musical scene was a mix of different influences sung in English, Malay and Chinese. They ranged from popular bands like Quests who came from the early Sixties era, Naomi and The Boys who had a successful four year run, Antartics who personified the second wave of R&B tinged groups, then Malay groups like D'4 Ever, Les Kafila's, Mike Ibrahim and The Nite Walkers, Swallows, Ismail Haron and The Guys and two guests from Thailand - Dynamics and Fox. The music ranges from Pop R & B, early Heavy to the plain weird. It is a mix of Western influences and Asian ethnic diversity produce something unique that can only be called Singaporean pop.
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  Teddy Robin & The Playboys

1: A Little Bit of Me, A Little Bit Of You
2:There Is A Kind Of Hush
3:A Summer Song
4: I Am Not Your Stepping Stone
5: Green Green Grass Of Home
6: I can't Grow Peaches On A Cherry Tree

7: I Got to go Back
8: Poor Side Of Town
9: Time Won't Let Me
10:All My Sorrows
11: I'm A Believer
12: On A Carousel

"Breakthrough", mono LP-1032, Diamond, Honk Kong, 196_






The Menace

1. I Love you
2. 1, 2, 3, Red Light
3. Baby Come Back
4. Strawberry Sundae
5. Hello I love You

1.Yummy, Yummy, Yummy
2.It's Nice To Be With You
3.You D'on't Even Wink Your Eye
4. Medley: woman Woman / Young Girl / Lady Willpower
5. Birdie, Spider, Lion, Honeybe And Me

"The Menace", LP, Diamond, Honk Kong, 1968


  The Quest
The 33rd Revolution

1. Hava Nagila
2. Come On Down To My Boat
3. Guantanamera
4. Hur Pi Tzu Hsau Hsiang
5. Never Ever
6. Mr Rainbow

7. Georgie Girl
8. 26 Miles
9. What ?s Wrong With The Way I Live
10. This Nearly Was Mine
11. I?ll Never Fall In Love Again
12. A World of Tomorrows

33rd Revolution" EMI 33ESX-60S, 2/11/67
Singapore, 1967

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The Quest

01. Instrumentally Western
02. You're Telling
03. Look in My eyes
04. Lengang Kankong
05. She Is The One
06. Drivin Me Mad
07. Shadow Of Your Smile
08. Shanty
09. In A World Of Your Own
10. Honey House
11. Yang Di Man Satu
12. All My Sorrows
13. Please Try And Understand
14. My Favorite Thing

DSingapore, 1966, EMI 330SX-7775

  The Quest first LP includes their great instrumental hit Shanty (see the single next). 4 tracks are selected for downloads here: a song, Honey House (which beat reminds of the Fleshtones, and 3 instrumentals: Instrumentally Western, Shadow Of Your Smile, and the Rodgers -Hammerstein standard which is known better through the John Coltrane version, My Favorite Thing.

Teddy Robin & The Playboys

01. Language of Love
02. Don't Go out into The Rain
03. San Fransisco
04. Norman's Fancy

05. She'd Rather Be With Me
06. (I Dreamed Of You) Last night

07. Come on Down To My Boat
08. We Can't Go On This Way
09. Friday on My Mind
10 Sands Of Time
11. Windy
12. The Boat That I Row

'365 Days", LP, Diamond records, Hong Kong, 1967

TR&P was the n01 band in Hong Kong during that period.

  The Mystics

01: Send Her Back
02: Going Out Of My Head
03: Sweet Soul Music
04: ICan't Help Myself
05 When A Man Loves A Woman

06: Soul Time


07: Don't Leave Me (Baby Baby)
08: What Makes You Run

09: Midnight Hour
10: Ain't Proud Too Beg
11: I Wan't To Talk With You

"Best Of"mono LP-1038, Diamond Records, Honk Kong, 1968

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Rita Chao

  side 1
03: Proud Mary

side 2
02: Venus


05 Cu Cu Cu Choo

RITA, LP, EMI (Malaysia) S-33ESX-621

  The Zoundcrackers

01: Once Uppon A Time


02 No No No

Hong Kong, Diamond records 241, 7", 45rpm

  The Zoundcrackers

01: I Gotta Find Cupid
02: I Only Came To Say Goodbye

Hong Kong, 1966, Diamond 245 , 7", 45rpm



This is the 2nd single of this combo founded by Jo Jr (Jose Marie Rodrigues). After this release the band split and changed name to Joe Jr. & The Side Effects.

> more info here.

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  The Menace

01: You Don't Even Week Your Eye
02: Graduation Day

Hong Kong, Diamond Records 266, 7', 45 rpm

  The Lotus

side 1: Just A Little

  side 2: Spoonful Of Sugar

Hong Kong, 196_, Diamond 246, 45rpm

First of the 3 singles recorded by this band.


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Rita Chao with The Quest

side 1
01: Wooly Bully
02:Pretty Flamingo

side 2
01: Let true Love Begin

02: Love Is Me, Love is You

EP, Singapore 1960's

link to Rita's discography:
>the EPs / >the LPs


D'Top Notes

01: The Duck


02: Dum Di Da

Diamond records, Hong Kong


Nancy Sit
Nancy Sit hala hala a'gogo



01: Wooly Bully,
02: Hang On Sloopy


01: Love Potion No. 9
02: Shakin? All Over

  EP, Squirrel records, Singapore
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  Rita Chao with the Surfers

side 1
01: Yummy Yummy Yummy
02: Donna

Side 2
Master Jack
04: I Gotta Find Cupid

EP, Singapore , EMI ECHK 609




The Quest

1: Shanty
2: Gallopin

Singapore, 1964, EMI, 7", 45rpm

The Quest's debut single on EMI, Shanty, an instrumental written by bass player Henry Chua knocked off the Beatles "I Should Have Known Better" off the top of the 1964 Singapore charts.


Rita Chao with The Quest

Hanky Panky

  Dara Puspita A Go Go
  A Go Gogo
  Believe Me

Dara Puspita, A Go Go,
El Shinta Records, Jakarta, 1967

First posted at Garage Hangover

  Dara Puspita Jang Pertama
  Tanah Airku

Dara Puspita, Jang Pertama,
Mesra Records, Jakarta, 1966

Info at Garage Hangover


Naomi And The Boys

side 1:
01: To Know Him, To Love Him
02: Bad Loser

side 2:
01:I'll Never Be The Same
02: Don't Be Surprised

Singapore, Philips, EP, 45rpm

>available on the CD "Steam Kodok", a collection of 17 "Ultrarities From the 60's Singapore and South-East Asia Underground"


Naomi And The Boys

side 1:
01: I Am A Loser
02: As Tears Go By

side 2:
01: I'd Like To Know
02: I Need You

Singapore, Philips, EP, 45rpm

  Ronni Ong

side 1:
01: Buttons and Bows

02: 10 000 Miles

side 2:
01: The Black Hill Of Dakota
02: Dear Heart Anfd Gentle People

Singapore, TNA TEP213 EP, 45rpm

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> back cover
  Idaly Sisiters
  side 1
01: Sweet Inspiration
  02: Will You Love Me Tomorow
  side 2
03: Oh What A Fool I've Been

04: Knock On Wood

RCA Singapre SGE 009

The Sundowners
accompanied by The Tornadoes

Malaysia Wonderful

Singapore EMI, CHK 1008, 45rpm


October Cherries

EP, Singapore, BAAL,1968

>available on the CD "Steam Kodok", a collection of 17 "Ultrarities From the 60's Singapore and South-East Asia Underground"



  Katherine and the Firebyrds

He's sure to remember me
7", 45rpm,
Singapore 196_

posted first by mod-ified music


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The Stylers

side 1:
Track 01
Track 03
track 04

side 2:
track 04

The Stylers, Singapore, STRLP 6003

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side 1:
Track 02 (8.1MB/160kbps) 7:02

The Best Of (Vol 2) Singapore, Sina HBLP-1609

Instrumental. Should this music Style be called "Mandarin Exotica"?
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Chan Po Chu (Connie Chan)

The lady Black Cat

Hong Kong 1968 EMI EPH3021

dicography (chinese):


Chan Po Chu (Connie Chan)

Hong Kong 1968 EMI EPH3029

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Chan Po Chu (Connie Chan)

Hong Kong 1967 EMI PHK1029


Chan Po Chu (Connie Chan)

Hong Kong 1967 EMI PHK1022

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Charlie and His
Go-Go Boys

Twist and Shake A'Gogo

side 1
Return To Me My Love
Let's A Go-Go

side 2

My Dear Chew Siang

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Charlie and His
Go-Go Boys

A Gogo

side 1
Wooly Bully
Wonderful World

side 2
These Boots Are Made For Walking

  Siao Fong Fong (Josephine Siao)
I Love A-Go-Go a 1967 movie Directed by Cheung Wai-kwong

instrumentals, 7", 45rpm,
SWAN records.
Recorded in Singapore circa 1966

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  The Reynettes
  01: Kowloon Hong Kong


02: Rescue Me

Hong Kong, 196_, EMI ECHK 506