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Gil J. Wolman (1951) -60mn, 12sec (french no subtitles)


The film was shown for the first time on 11 February 1952 at the 'Avant-Garde 52' cinema club. It consisted of blank illumination projected onto a weather balloon, accompanied by a staccato spoken soundtrack. The film was banned by the French censors on 2 April 1952?when the Letterists visited the Cannes Film Festival the following month, they were forced to restrict the audience to journalists only.
The text of the soundtrack was published in the sole issue of the Letterist journal Ion (1952; reprinted Jean-Paul Rocher, 1999), and later reissued in a separate edition augmented with associated texts (Editions Allia, 1994). Ion also included the text of Guy Debord's film Howls for Sade, which was
dedicated to Wolman and featured his voice in its own soundtrack. (wikipedia)